1. Sign Up for an Account:

1.1.   Click Sign Up on the top right of the site.

1.2.   Fill in all of fields (they are all required) and click Create Account.
1.3.   That’s it! You account is made and you are taken directly a project submission page. If you have a project to submit continue to section 3.3 otherwise click any other link on the site to explore or click Return to User Page to manage your account.

2. Login to CAB:

2.1.   Logging into the CABPortal can easily be done by clicking the Sign In button on the top right corner of the site at any time.
2.2.   Then enter your login credentials and select Submit.

3. Add a Project:

If you do not have an account you will first need to Sign Up for one (see section 1). Once you create an account you will automatically be directed to submitting a new project. (Jump to 3.3 for details on submitting a new project)

If you have an account and would like to submit a new project:
3.1.   Click on your name on the top right off the screen to take you to your user profile.
3.2.   Then click Submit a New Project.
3.3.   Fill in as much information as you can and then click Submit Project.

3.4.   If you have another project to submit you can do so, otherwise you can exit by click any link on the site or return to your user profile by clicking Return to User Page.
3.5.   On your user page you will now see your new project and be able to edit, delete, or view reviews for your project.

4. Editing a Project:

If you are not signed in:
4.1.   You must be signed in to edit a project you have submitted. So Sign In!
4.2.   Once you sign in, it will take you to the user page which lists all of your projects. (Jump to 4.4)

If you are already signed in:
4.3.   Click your user name on the top right of the site to access your user page.
4.4.   Click the Edit button in the Options column for the project you want to change.
4.5.   Make your changes in the appropriate fields and click Update Project.

5. Deleting a Project

5.1.   Go to your user page by clicking your username on the top right.

5.2.   In the Options column of your project listings click delete for the project you want to remove.
5.3.   Confirm that you want to continue deleting it on the confirmation page by clicking the Delete button. (This action cannot be undone.)

6. Reviewing a Project:

6.1.   In order to review a project you must currently be logged in. If you do not already have an account, see Section 1. If you do, see Section 2.
6.2.   From the project’s page click the Review This Project in on the top left.

6.3.   Answer the questions and provide any feedback you may have in the Additional Info section.
6.4.   To submit your review click Submit Review at the bottom of the page. Your review will now be visible at bottom of the project page.

7. Editing a Review

7.1   In order to edit an existing review, you must have already created one. If you have not, see Section 6.
7.2.   Within a project you have left a review for, scroll down until you see your review. Click the "Edit Rating" link shown under your avatar.
7.3.   You will be re-directed to a page where you can look over the details of your review. Make any changes as you see fit.
7.4.   Click the "Submit Review" button at the bottom of the page. Your changes will be reflected on your comment when you are redirected back to the project's page.

8. Deleting a Review

8.1.   In order to delete an existing review, you must have already created one. If not, see Section 6.
8.2.   With a project's page you have left a review for, scroll down until you see your review. Click the "Delete Rating" link shown underneath your avatar.
8.3.   The page will reload, and your rating will have disappeared.

9. Citing a Project:

9.1.   Login and go to your user page. (see section 2)
9.2.   If you have already created a project then see Editing a Project (section 4)to add a citation to an existing project in Citations field.
9.3.   If you have not created a project then see Adding a Project (section 3) and add the citation when filling in the project information.

10. Points Information:

10.1.   Points information can be found here
  Points System

11. Moderator Info:

11.1.   Please click the link below if you're interested in learning more about moderators.
  Moderator Rules and Regulations

12. CABPortal Privacy Policy and Rules:

12.1. Please click the link below to see CABPortal's privacy policy and rules.
  Privacy Policy and Rules