Project Propagation

Tracking the propagation of ideas.

Propagation refers to the action of spreading and promoting an idea. In the context of CABPortal, propagation refers to how a singular idea spreads through generations of projects within the network. The goal is to extend CABPortal to also track propagation of the project ideas. Through tracking propagation, future students and researchers will be able to study the different trends that induce propagation within the collaborative projects, potentially prompting new studies to be conducted.

In addition to hosting the collaborative models on the CABPortal, propagation of the collaborative models will be tracked to help determine and study how the models influence each other through propagation. In order to implement this, a user is given the ability to cite a past project that inspired their own collaborative work when submitting a project. These citations will be the primary means of identifying propagation within the projects.

In addition to tracking propagation, CABPortal will also implement new features that will help promote and encourage propagation within the projects. In order to track the propagation between projects, data will need to be stored when a citation is made between projects. In the graph, projects are represented by square nodes with a label displaying the respective project name. Edges between nodes are used to represent the propagation of ideas between the projects. In simple words, nodes are project names and edges represent citations.